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            Sichuan Chuancun Traditional Chinese Medicines Co., Ltd is a joint venture established in March 1989 by Sichuan Medicines & Health Products I/E Co., Ltd and Tsumura Co., Japan. It is mainly engaged in planting, processing and selling traditional Chinese medicines. Since its establishment, Sichuan Chuancun Traditional Chinese Medicines Co., Ltd has built several herbs bases of planting and production, processing plant, cold-storage warehouses, a research and testing laboratory and an office- building in Sichuan to ensure the quality of its exporting products. Some advanced test devices and systematic quality standard for raw medicines production were imported from Japan to control the quality of medicines from planting, collecting and processing.



    During these years, the company’s production and business run well. The traditional Chinese medicines of high quality are exported to Tsumura Co., Japan for their medicines production.

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